On 22 November 2016, the European Commission published its proposal for preventive restructuring frameworks. A copy of the proposal can be found here. The directive will, upon adoption, require the Member States to introduce preventive restructuring proceedings into their national insolvency systems. In the meantime, various Member States are already working on new restructuring proceedings or on improving those now in place. These developments will drastically change the insolvency and restructuring environment in Europe.

While numerous legislative initiatives for the introduction of modern “light-touch” restructuring proceedings are underway, a broad consensus on just what these proceedings should look like, and what their objective should be, has yet to form.

As the thinking matures, there is likely to be an impact both on the final wording of the directive now under consideration, and on the ways in which EU Member States will use the discretion afforded to them in implementing it.The purpose of this conference is to bring together top experts in the field and other interested parties within and outside Europe to exchange ideas and contribute to the collective thinking on restructuring proceedings of the future.

We kindly invite you to join the debate.


This conference is an initiative of RESOR and the Business & Law Research Centre (OO&R), Radboud University,
and is organised in cooperation with INSOL Europe and the European Commission.

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